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Holymoly. How long has it been since I’ve blogged? Well, it’s down season, and I had issues with my website, then this, then that. Let me just say this… I’m 36 weeks pregnant, and that’s the first time I’ve spoken about this pregnancy in a blog!! Aye aye aye, I hope that isn’t how “the second one” is going to be all the time. I blogged EVERYTHING about my pregnancy with Hayden. But I refuse to let that cliche be true! The second child is 1000% just as special as the first!

So here are the dets— I’m pregnant!! With a BOY!!!! My husband was so super excited during that ultrasound. We found out early, around 15 weeks. I thought I would be nervous and unsure about finding about that early because sometimes the results may not be that clear in the ultrasound. Let me tell you, it was CLEAR. HE’S A BOY, 100%!  Since then, it’s been hard (but fun) transitioning into “boy mode.” We have so much girl stuff. Way too much for an almost two year old girl. But Hayden is as girly as they get. Currently, she’s obsessed with her kitchen and play food and her baby dolls (and their strollers, bottles, diapers, etc.) Her obsession with the baby dolls makes my heart so full though! Seeing her care for them like real little babies, and feed them, and rock them, and put them to sleep…. I just can’t help to think that she’s going to be an amazing big sister!! She knows her brother’s name (which by the way, is Carson!!) and knows where his room is and that he’s coming soon, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t 100% get that last part haha.

This pregnancy hasn’t been entirely different than my first. I still have insanely painful heartburn, almost nightly…you know, while I’m trying to sleep.  However with Hayden I didn’t get sick in the first trimester. With Carson, I didn’t think I would ever stop getting sick! I gained 60lbs with Hayden, yes SIXTY!!! But most of it was water weight, and by this time last time, I was super swollen. This time around, I’ve gained 20lb and I’m not swollen at all. Fingers crossed it stays that way! I’m now on weekly doctor appointments to check on little man and make sure everything is going well all the way until the end! I still have 4 weeks, but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s going to come early!!

Here are a few pictures of my little girl in her awesomely cute snow suit, and a few of her just hanging around the house!! And of course a few pictures of my baby shower brunch thrown by some very special people in my life! His nursery is a tribal/aztec type of theme, and they incorporated it into the theme of the baby shower. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!











and the baby shower brunch!!







Of course one of Hayden in her tribal arrow shirt!!


and last but not least, the star of the show…. BABY CARSON! In my belly of course 🙂

(stolen off my Instagram!)


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