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Happy Sunday!!  This weather is AMAZING!! I hope it decides to stick around, that would be awesome! I was looking forward to shooting engagements today in this 65-degree weather BUT the stomach bug had a different plan for my beautiful bride! She’s under the weather, in this weather, and I know that can’t be fun. (Feel better!!!!)  So, I’m blogging my session from yesterday when we had similar weather (Obviously I’m a little excited about the weather…).

Meet Tori and James! Tori is one of my closest friends, and James is her adorable 6 year old son. We ventured out yesterday morning and had a little Mommy & Son session. James is SUCH a trip…sometimes it’s hard to believe the things that come out of his mouth. Definitely one of the most entertaining 6 year olds I’ve ever met. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but it was super muddy out from all the recent rain. James was loving it…. his mom, not so much. I had a fun time capturing the bond between these two, and I hope you love the pictures!

I’m going go enjoy some of this weather with the dogs before it snows tomorrow or something! First, I have to wake up Lilly who is asleep on my lap as I type this (I’ll post a picture to prove it) then I’ll wake up my foot… because it’s completely normal to sacrifice your own comfort so your dog can sleep on you, right???….


Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-1 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-3 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-5 copy Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-6 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-19 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-18 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-15 copy Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-14 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-13 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-12 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-11 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-10 copy Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-7 Crystal-Belcher-Virginia-Photography-Family-8 copy

And the proof I promised….


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