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I often get asked from people just starting out in their photography journey or even seasoned photographers wanting to break into photography, “what’s in your camera bag on wedding days?”  So I thought, what a great blog topic that would be! So here it is!

What’s in my Wedding Day Camera Bag & When I use it:

Canon 5d Mark III — I have two of these. One is my main camera body and the other is my backup!

Canon 85mm 1.4 — My favorite lens EVER. I use this for bride and groom portraits, first dances, reception details, sometimes toasts, honestly… I use it whenever I can!

Canon 50mm 1.4 — This is such a versatile lens! You can literally use it for anything. I personally use this lens for getting ready pictures, bridal party portraits, family formals, etc. Basically, anywhere that may be too tight of a space for my 85 to work!

Canon 70-200 2.8 IS– This lens is a BEAST! It’s so so pretty! I use this to shoot ceremonies and for bride and groom portraits.

Canon 100mm Marco 2.8– I use this lens solely for detail shots (rings, jewelry, etc) and then it goes back in my bag!

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 — Love this lens! It’s very versatile and can be used for pretty much anything. I use it for tight getting ready spaces, large bridal parties, big family formal shots, wide reception shots, etc.

Canon 24-105mm 4.0 IS — I love using this lens during the dancing portion of the reception. It gets super wide and super tight and I am able to get a variety of shots!

Canon 600ex-rt Flash-  I have 2 of these, looking to add another for this 2018 season! I love these flashes because they communicate with each other and I do not need additional triggers.  I use my flashes with:

Rapid Box Octa Softbox (26″)- Obsessed with this softbox! It produces the softest, most beautiful light!

MagMod Bundle Kit- This kit rocks! I use the MagBounce the most. It is the perfect tool when you have nothing to bounce light off of.  The MagSpehere is great to diffuse light.

I carry all of this in a House of Flynn camera bag and a rolling Think Tank, both I love so much!

And that’s basically it!! That’s a look into my Wedding Day Camera bag!!

what's in my camera bag crystal belcher photography virginia wedding photographer



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