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So… I did a thing! We’re finally “social media official” and I am SO excited about it!! I can finally announce that I now have an office space that I’m sharing with my sweet friends Christina Barnum Photography and Angie McPherson Photography! It’s our own little slice of heaven and we’ve loved every single minute of it so far!  We’ve named the space “The Creative Corner” because that’s exactly what it is!

A lot of people have asked why I got an office space, and there are just so many reasons why! The space is an amazing place to meet my clients and have consultations, have mastermind meetings with other creatives and vendors in the industry… but what I’m mostly looking forward to is working with people… you know, other adults! LOL! Running your own business and having the luxury to work from home is amazing. Being able to stay home with my kids is amazing. But what a lot of work-from-home-mom’s don’t brag about is how hard it can be. Balancing knowing when to work and when to shut it off and just be present with your family. I’ve been fortunate to have my kids go to an in-home daycare for 2 days a week for a really long time. Those were my “work days” where I dropped them off, came home and just worked all day long until it was time to pick them up. But when you’re sitting on your couch working, the dishes are calling your name, the laundry is screaming your name, and all of your favorite TV shows that are on the DVR are whispering sweet nothings to you. It was hard to have a FULL workday where I did nothing but focus on my business. *ENTER OFFICE SPACE HERE*

We’ve been in the office space for just over a month now and it has been everything we hoped it would be and more! It’s so nice being able to “go to work” again (and love it!). We aren’t always in there at the same time but we try to line it up that way as much as we can. We work with the music playing, bounce ideas off each other, have lunch dates, and just enjoy having the space together.

I’m so excited to share some images of the space!! It’s two rooms, one being the meeting area and the other as our actual work space. I’ll show more pictures of the work space as soon as we hang all the pretty canvas’ on the wall!!

Christina & Angie- there is absolutely no way I could do life without you two! You girls are my sounding board, my accountability partners in so many aspects of life, and two of my closest friends!! There is no one else in the world I’d rather share an office with!!

This is one of my favorite parts of my desk! It’s a 30 minute hour glass timer, and it’s silly but it helps me stay on track and get stuff done! 

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